Jaki McVicar 8th Degree Black Belt and Associate Master of the Arts

Jaki began her training in the Martial Arts in 1965 firstly in Judo then in Shotokan before taking up Kenpo in 1979 she tested to Black Belt in 1982 with Rainer Schulte, European Director for the International Kenpo Karate Association [IKKA]. Instructed and Tested by 10th Degree Black Belt Grandmaster Ed Parker the founder of Kenpo Karate for her 2nd  in 1985 & 3rd Degree ranks in 1989 via the IKKA.
Tested to 4th Degree by 7th Degree Black Belt John Sepulveda in 1993 via the IKKA.
Tested to 5th Degree by 7th Degree Black Belt John Sepulveda in 1997 via AKKS
Awarded her 6th Degree by 7th Degree Black Belt Jeff Speakman at his International Training Camp, Las Vegas, Nevada in June
Awarded her 7th Degree Black Belt by 7th Degree Black Belt Jeff Speakman at his International Training Camp, Las Vegas, Nevada in June 2008
Awarded her 8th Degree Black Belt by 9th Degree Black Belt Jeff Speakman and at his International Training Camp, Las Vegas, Nevada in June 2014,  She is the proud UK Director for Jeff Speakman's American Kenpo Karate Systems (A.K.K.S).

Born in Torquay, a full time professional instructor Jaki runs the McVicar Kenpo Karate Academy which she founded in 1981. Jaki also  worked for seven years as a SIA Registered door steward (citizen ejection technician!!) in one of Torquay's biggest night-clubs. Considered to be one of the top American Kenpo Karate instructors in Europe she has taught at Kenpo training camps throughout the UK and Europe as well as Las Vegas, USA.

  • Has 38 years of experience in American Kenpo Karate, 35 years teaching.
  • Has won numerous competitions and has held British and European titles in Fighting, Team-Fighting, Kenpo Forms and Kenpo Self-Defence Techniques  both within the Kenpo world and in Open Competition.
  • Has featured in Martial Arts Illustrated, Combat and Fighters Magazines.
  • Is a founder member and Head Instructor of the Senior Council of The British Kenpo Karate Association (B.K.K.A).
  • Is the highest ranking female BKKA/A.K.K.S Instructor in Europe/USA.

Jaki takes great pride in teaching a tough but achievable adult program that contains the perfect mix of theory and sweat. Her classes are fast paced, gratifying and always educational. Very detail oriented, which shows in the demonstration of techniques, forms and sets. Her  insights and experience are evidenced by her ability to effectively demonstrate the principals of Kenpo. Her priority is to help students gain a better understanding of their current skill level and beyond.

Jakiís forte is Techniques,  Forms and Grafted Motion [taking bits and pieces of techniques  and grafting them on demand]. The difference being not thinking a specific technique but rather going with the basics you have learned and creating a continious flow of motion.  Of course from a street situation we know that if you hit your initial moves the opponent would not be there for the rest but as we always say what if he is? You need backup, you have to continue your action if he is still active which is where the multiple movement comes in, as Mr Parker used to say "Itís not overkill its over skill". Jaki  really enjoys the freedom of movement, its pure geometry in motion, look at the universal pattern, Kenpo should be fun, thatís what she tries to put across.

Jon Hill, 5th Degree Black Belt

Jon started training in 1989, his forte is his strong basic fundamentals which provide a solid foundation for beginners to build on. His continued study, fuelled by his passion for Kenpo is what makes our students strong, knowledgeble martial artists. His timing when executing Self Defence Techniques is excellent often causing gasps from the other students in the Academy.  Jaki says "Jon has been with me for 27 years,  in my opinion he is one of the finest movers in Kenpo that I have ever seen I count myself lucky to have him with me and bless the day he walked through the Kenpo door". Jon is also a Black Belt in Rapid Arnis with Master Pat O'Malley.
Francis Hadley, 4th Degree Black Belt

Francis started at the Academy in 1995 aged 13, very quite and unassuming with a very dry sense of humour, he needs it as Jaki very often uses him as a dummy!. Jaki says " A very talented martial artist in his own right he has demonstrated an unwavering loyalty to the Academy and myself giving up much of his personal time to aid me in teaching both in the Junior and Senior Classes. He makes every effort to carefully break down everything he teaches so that the students are able to understand and duplicate. Francis is an  invaluable assent both to me and the Academy.".
Jaki Says:
"I would never be able to run the Academy effectively without the superb efforts of Jon Hill, Francis Hadley, Paul Poulain, Laurent Zammit and Paul Jackson. At the drop of a hat they are always there to support me in any way they can. What can I say!, I consider myself to be privilaged to have such, humble and talented students their unwavering loyalty and dedication is humbling, I am extremely proud of  them all".

Other Academy Instructors - Exchange of Knowledge is the Key

Under the  direct instruction and supervision of Jaki McVicar, our  Instructors are a major channel for the principals of Kenpo instruction.

Call: 01803 - 407289
Email: jmcvkenpo@blueyonder.co.uk

Kenpo Karate Academy
Torquay - Devon - Uk
Paul Poulain, 2nd Degree Black Belt

Paul helps in the Children's classes and also assists in the Adult Class, fast,  powerful and knowledgeable he is an all rounder, a great addition to the teaching staff.
Paul Jackson, 2nd Degree Black Belt
Paul or PJ is a valued member of our teaching staff , patient with beginners. In his work he thinks nothing of travelling hundreds of miles just to ensure he gets back to help out with the children, I am constantly amazed. In addition he is responsible for promoting my Academy and is always having ideas to bring new students in, and indeed has brought many a new student to us, for which I am very grateful.
Laurent Zammit, 2nd Degree Black Belt

Laurent started in 2006, he enjoys teaching the value of hard work while making it fun for the young students he teaches. Hailing from France his manarisms and way of doing things is a constant delight to the rest of the students. Very diligent in the way he works wants to get it right, very admirable. He is a wonder at devising his own forms usually with weapons that are a credit to him.


Children:               6:45 - 7:30pm
Adults:                  8:00 - 9:00pm
Senior Black:        9:00 - 9:30pm

All Saints Church Hall
Cary Avenue
Torquay - Devon - UK

Members of
The British Kenpo Karate Association

Corey Albutt, Junior Black Belt & Senior Blue Belt
Corey is an extremely gifted young martial artist, having recently passed his Junior Black belt [6 years dedicated training] he is eorking his way through the senior syllabus. In addition to winning trophies several years running at the British Kenpo Karate Championships he now helping at the Academy in teaching the Juniors. You would never know that he is only 12!! he has taken to teaching like a duck to water, brilliant.