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Kenpo Karate Academy
Torquay - Devon - Uk

Children:               6:45 - 7:30pm
Adults:                  8:00 - 9:00pm
Senior Black:        9:00 - 9:30pm

All Saints Church Hall
Cary Avenue
Torquay - Devon - UK
Little Dragons - Ages 4-5 Mondays Only 6 - 6:30pm

A starter four week program a fun class structured to develop physical skills necessary for Martial Arts such as coordination, balance and proper form for basics. Classes develop life skills such as discipline, respect, focus and concentration.

Please note this is not an ongoing class, they are only held if there is sufficient number of children wanting this the minimum number is 8.  So mums/dads why not get together and see if you can get a group up. This would be an ideal introduction to a martial art for your child. Feel free to give Jaki a call on the above number to discus.

Kenpo for Kid's Program - Ages 6 +

The children's program utilises the Kenpo Junior curriculum teaching the foundations  of Kenpo Forms, Sets, Sparring and Self-Defence Techniques.
Self-discipline, respect, academic performance and physical and physical fitness are all incorporated into Kenpo  curriculum to develop character, self-confidence and personal achievement for each student.    Yes Sir, No Sir, Yes Ma'am, and No Ma'am are also required.
Promotions within the coloured belt system are incremental with belts being "striped". This is a constant motivating factor for each student to practice and improve. Students that practice more tend to be promoted more often.
Children's classes conclude with focus and concentration exercises, along with physical conditioning.
Children are taught from the onset that Kenpo is primarily a defensive and not an offensive Martial Art. They are taught never to use their fighting skills outside the training hall except in self-defence. Above all, however, the kids are learning a very specific message about safety on the streets. We  acknowledge that it is unlikely that a small child could overpower a full-grown man, so the focus is on one or two quick movements that will enable the child to break the attacker's grip, and perhaps momentarily incapacitate them, so the child can run away. The aim is not to stay. The aim is to get away.

The academy warmly welcomes new students with no obligation [the first class is free].

Our aim is to teach in a fun and friendly atmosphere, through the dedication of our instructors. We are happy to share and pass on our knowledge to those who are willing and prepared to learn. 

Jaki McVicar is Fully Licensed, Insured, Enhanced CRB Checked and First Aid Trained.

Your instructors are all licensed, with The British Karate Association, in addition ANYONE who teaches your child has had an enhanced CRB check. All students will also be licensed and everyone will be insured.

Please call or come by the Academy to see how your child can benefit

The Junior Syllabus Explained

The Junior Syllabus differs in content to the Adult Syllabus in as much as the content is not suited or geared to Juniors, they would never be able to learn it all.   
For this reason Junior Ranks are at a different level to that of Adult Ranks. However this does not lessen the accomplishment of someone achieving a Junior Black Belt as it takes just as much hard work and dedication to get to this level.  It is a major achievement, many drop out, only a few make it and they are truly something else. Once their Junior Black Belt is achieved they then start to learn the rest of the Kenpo Syllabus.

Rank & Reward Programs

At the Academy every new student commences their Kenpo studies by wearing a white belt. As a student continues to train diligently and show proficiency they become eligible for promotion their next coloured belt. These colored belts represent stepping-stones to the ultimate goal of becoming a black belt. The process of earning a belt is a unique feature of martial arts and is a clear example of how goal-setting is woven into the fabric of training.

Begin with the end in mind

From the first day of training, you should set a clear goal to reach the distinction of a black belt.

When will I grade?

You can take a grading when your Instructor feels that you are able to do all of the material per Belt to the standard required. On your grading test you can be asked to do anything from White through to your present grade. It is important that you know the attack for the Techniques. Achievement only comes through hard work and dedication.

Beginners are always welcome, bring a friend the first class is free!

Feel free to contact us via email or telephone with any queries you have, or just walk through the door and meet us.

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