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Children:               6:45 - 7:30pm
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All Saints Church Hall
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Torquay - Devon - UK

One of the compelling reasons for attending the annual Jeff Speakman Training camp is the opportunity to attend sections taught by some of the finest instructors in the world. The different skills, teaching methods and specialized techniques present a feast of knowledge difficult to find anywhere else.

I have already posted a tribute to Ted Sumner talking about his outstanding class. However, there was another section that came as quite a shock. Among the attendees was a sweet little white haired British Lady who stood five feet and a smidge. She had the most charming, soft, British accent that made you think of cottages, cookies and tea. If you have the chance to meet Jaki McVicar I think you'll agree she would be central casting's choice for someone's genteel grandmother. Then I attended her class.

In front of the class, 7th Degree Black Belt Jaki McVicar transformed into a TIGER. Her skills as an instructor were remarkable. Her movements were precise and powerful. When she delivered a forearm strike she EXPLODED! I managed to keep my jaw off my chest; but her presentation was so exacting that it was an electrifying shock. I had seen that same type of movement once before. Jaki moved just like Ed Parker had. Not a copy, not an imitation but with the same dynamic power and precision that were "The Old Man's" trademark.

In previous posts I've warned that no woman is capable of defending herself against an adult male intent on doing her harm, unless she has the element of surprise and attacks his most vulnerable targets. Jaki McVicar may be the exception to that rule. I pity the idiot who tries to steal her purse.

Actually, LOL, I'd pay admission to see that one.

It was an honor to meet her. There's a great deal of skill and wisdom out there in the Kenpo world. May I suggest that you look for every opportunity to discover it for yourself.

"Do not be like the man who lived at the bottom of a well, who looked up at the sky and thought that was all there was to heaven."--Ed Parker

One Man's opinion.
Mills Crenshaw 9th Degree Kenpo Black Belt


Jaki McVicar has been a dedicated Kenpoist for many years and during that time she has devoted herself to helping others find not only self defense but the confidence derived from Kenpo. She is a teacher one should endeavor to seek out in Kenpo today.

Larry Tatum 10th Degree Kenpo Black Belt

Note from Ed Parker Jr.

I have known Jaki McVicar for over 20 years she has always been a dedicated and extreme value to the American Kenpo community. Her involvement with my father was as frequent as time and schedules would allow during the latter part of my fathers life.

I know my father spoke highly of Jaki's skills and demeanor as a invaluable asset to his system in the European region.

I would highly recommend any opportunity that may come up where one can train with Ms. McVicar or her group.


First Aider
My son has been doing Kenpo for over three years now, having a child with asburgers  finding a hobby was hard. Kenpo has given him confidence. His father did Kenpo back in the 80's and I can honestly say he is following in his father's footsteps.
       Jaki McVicar is an 8th Degree Black Belt, I am very honoured that my son is being taught by one of the top women Kenpo instructors in the world. I get value for money, my son gets exercise, confidence and friends.        
David & Peta Guy

Thank you ALL for welcoming us so warmly!, what a great atmosphere the class has, what a respectful group you have in your students and how well they move.  We have truly had our eyes opened since travelling to other classes, our respects to you Jaki, and your students....whose honour, quality and respect are a reflection of yourself and your wisdom that you have passed on!

Paul Leworthy 5th Degree Kenpo 5.0 Black Belt & Fran Lewis 3rd Degree Kenpo 5.0 Black Belt

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The British Kenpo Karate Association