One the most well known Kenpo practitioners is film actor and 9th Degree Black Belt, Jeff Speakman. Mr Speakman has since gone on modify the Kenpo system which he calls Kenpo 5.0, it is the hybrid of the last generation version of American Kenpo taught directly from Senior Grand Master Ed Parker to Jeff Speakman and ground fighting brought into the equation by Mr. Speakman’s senior student Trever Sherman. Mr. Sherman has brought this type of combat back to Kenpo so he and Mr. Speakman could create Kenpo answers to defending against an opponent with these skills in the street.

                 He has modifyed the existing Kenpo system while remaining completely within the combat models and thinking of American Kenpo to address this increasing and prevalent void in the Kenpo world. By keeping within these models of Kenpo he has been able to develop a system combining the best of these two worlds to give our students the maximum ability to deal with the very real possibilities of becoming involved in these kinds of altercations.
Jeff Speakmans many accomplishments include the Black Belt Hall of Fame award for Instructor of the Year and his induction into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

Jeff Speakman founded American Kenpo Karate Systems of which  Jaki McVicar is the UK Director.

Kenpo Karate was developed by 10th Degree Black Belt Senior Grand Master Edmund Parker

When faced by a real attacker [s], it is crucial to dispense with him/them immediately. In order to achieve this you need a marital art that, not only, emphasizes speed and power, but teaches effective self defense techniques as well.

Kenpo is a comprehensive streetwise martial art that places emphasis on using logic to resolve conflict. If confronted with the threat of attack, the Kenpo arsenal of offensive and defensive tactics are spontaneously fitted into a harmonious countermove with the motion of the attacker.

The striking techniques, throws and takedowns, as well as weapon usage gives the Kenpo student experience and versatility in avoiding injury and surviving combative situations. Besides the excellent physical conditioning and effective self-defence skills acquired, men and women enjoy the camaraderie of their classmates as they share in the quest of a common goal. Children benefit as they develop self-esteem, concentration, confidence and sense of accomplishment that accompanies every new skill they master.

Our Academy offers a clean and safe environment to learn this modern martial art. Basic and Advanced Kenpo is taught in exciting and energetic group classes. Private instruction is offered with a friendly, certified instructor to help you achieve maximum results. Kenpo is tailored to the individual, so that each student can reach their highest potential.

Kenpo techniques are based on principles and concepts which rely on a correct and strong foundation. You must have a strong and solid base in order to make the techniques work properly and with maximum force and accuracy. The techniques are fast and powerful, and are designed to overwhelm an attacker quickly and effectively. Practitioners are known for their incredible hand speed and explosive power.

Learning Kenpo is a study of motion and movement and is structured into 4 areas of study: Basic Movements, Self-Defence Techniques, Sparring and Forms [Kata], very much a thinking persons fighting system due to its concepts, theories and principles of motion like physics, geometry and mathematics to assist with learning the system.

Kenpo is a self defence system first and foremost with the self defence techniques at the core of the Kenpo curriculum. Primarily a striking art but with the addition of joint manipulation, throwing, strikedowns, footwork, and timing. We also have many other aspects of training such as pad work, improvisation and weapons. Founded on logic,  Kenpo students not only  know the "how's" of movements, but also the "whys" and "what fors".

Kenpo techniques can sometimes become lengthy, and are considered by some as overkill; we consider Kenpo as merely being “over skilled”. Not every punch, kick, or strike is going to find its target or have the desired effect, so having a number of back up moves at your disposal is crucial. The end result is a martial artist who is fast, powerful, and is actually capable of defending themselves, if the need were to arise.

Kenpo provides a strong integrated syllabus for adults and children. The depth of knowledge within the system means that the learning never stops for the student. We teach Kenpo to all ages and levels of physical ability. Kenpo’s emphasis on speed of action and accuracy over pure power, combined with it’s use of hard and soft movements make it easy to tailor to any man, woman, or child of all shapes, sizes, and ages.

The most important skill you will learn is how to avoid confrontations. However, should you ever have to protect yourself, we will make sure you are ready

People study Kenpo for many different reasons. Most for the practical self defense techniques to protect themselves and their loved ones, some like the sport aspect of training, while other may just want to improve their level of fitness. Whatever the reason, the benefits that Kenpo offers are always positive and many for mind, body, and spirit!

New members find that they warm to the style very quickly, and this is helped by a friendly and relaxed training atmosphere at the Academy. Don't worry if you have never tried Martial Arts before, there will be very capable instructors on hand to guide you through your first steps. Nobody is going to shout at you if you do something wrong!

We encourage an environment of mutual respect co-operation and discipline that helps build your confidence.

We welcome you to take a class yourself to see what this exciting practical martial art has to offer.
"Its not who's right, but who's left that counts." Ed Parker
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